Our Team

Jacquelyn Mountain

RightSmith / Framepool Inc.

Managing Director
Framepool RS GmbH / Framepool Ltd.

Mica Imamura

RightSmith / Framepool Inc.

Managing Director
Framepool RS GmbH / Framepool Ltd. / RightSmith K.K.

Jack Boram

Senior Vice President

Managing Director
RightSmith Pty. Ltd.

Team Rightsmith Japan RightSmith K.K.

Kazuhisa Imai
Business Development

Masato Kato

Yuko Hayakawa
Managing Director
MediaTech Services Division

Shinobu Fujikura
MediaTech Services Division

Sachie Takahashi

Team Europe Munich

Jeannette Scheuermann
Head of Sales Europe

Atsuko Matsudaira
Director of Sales France

Elena Rodrigo
Representative Spain

Vicky Turner
Director of Sales UK & Netherlands

James West
Research and Rights Clearance Manager

Team US US / Los Angeles
US / New York

Lisa Cummings
Head of Business Development

Michael Speciale
Business Development Manager

Matt Lapointe-Smith
Research and Rights Clearance Manager

Alina Shraybman
Creative Licensing - US, West

Joe Marrone
Head of Sales NY and Research

ContentLos Angeles

Wanja Nolte
Senior Production & Onboarding Manager

Petra Schemmel
Senior Content Manager
Head of Keywording

Michael Tomalak
Senior Content Manager

Caroline Julyan
Content Manager

Technical DepartmentMunich

Susanne Lehnert
Technology Development

Thomas Witt
Technology Development

Denise Paché
Technology Development

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