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Upon its completion in 1931, the Empire State Building became the world's tallest building.
At first, an economic desaster, it is now New York City's greatest attraction.
Between "Black Friday" and the "New Deal": Everyday life in New York during the 30ies.
Live settings and the pulse of the times.

Over 45 million people visited the World Exhibition themed "Building the World of Tomorrow", which opened its gates in New York on April 30th.
Television sets, air conditioning systems and nylon stockings were presented to the general public for the first time.

Brilliant Kodachrome color recordings from 1941, recorded by a Jewish draper from Berlin, who had fled to the USA.
Kodachrome was presented in April 1935 as 16mm film and was the first commercially successful color film.

The images of September 11th 2001 have been engraved into the collective memory forever.
A Canadian camera crew happened to be on-site and captured the unfathomable. This material has hardly ever been shown.

The BIG APPLE today - in High Definition aerials.
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