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If you need someone to market high-quality film material for use in films, TV reports, Internet and new media, advertisements, corporate films, etc., you’ve come to the right place.

In good company
We represent an impressive collection of motion content that is produced by some of the world’s leading filmmakers and cinematographers. This includes private companies who work for the German TV broadcasters ARD and ZDF, France Télévisions and the BBC.
Our partners also include large institutions, such as ORF, AFP, AP Archive, WGBH, WLIW21, nhnz, Radio Canada and the National Film Board of Canada NFB/ONF. We further have the exclusive rights to footage from Nuit de la Glisse/Perfect Moment – the best-known extreme sports series in the world.

Technology - made in Germany
Ease of handling and quick access for customers are crucial success factors in the field of motion content.
We have been a pioneering force from the beginning in designing and operating a completely digital archive that contains its entire stock as digital copies in master quality.

Each individual clip is indexed with extensive metadata and stored securely in our state-of-the-art storage system. Multiple redundancies and a complete backup protect the films from almost any type of mishap.

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Frequently asked questions

Licensors can provide either the master material or copies of their footage.
First, the film material is digitalized by our production team. Our logging department then searches for the best shots and indexes these using detailed metadata.
Only watermark-protected clips are uploaded onto the Framepool website. The master material or copies are returned to the licensor.
We handle all marketing activities, requests, rights clearance, license contracts aswell as delivery to the customer. All licensing revenues are split between Framepool and the licensor.
With offices and sales representatives at the heart of all the major markets, we are able to support our customers around the globe.
Along with our headquarters in Munich, we have branches in London, Paris, Los Angeles and New York. Our partners and representatives are located in various cities, including Miami, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Bangkok, Sydney, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Milan, Johannesburg and Saragossa.
Absolutelly! All our systems are set up for the processing of 4K and higher video resolutions. 4k footage material has large sales opportunities due to growing demand.
You can either upload your footage material to our FTP, or deliver it on hard drives or other storage devices. In addition, we can process video tapes (Betcam to HDCAM SR) and digitize the footage material recorded thereon. For the scanning of original film material, we work with service providers such as ARRI Munich. At Framepool, each professional video format is processed and stored in its native resolution.

New footage material should especially show what is not easily reproducible or only at high costs: Preferably the footage is shot with high-quality equipment such as 4K Sony F65, Red Dragon, ARRI ALEXA, but GoPro and other action formats can work with specialty footage.

In film and photography it’s all about light: it is important that images are shot only at the best lighting conditions!

From the perspective of content, we are looking especially for dynamic shots and superlatives like the fastest animals, the tallest buildings, the longest bridges etc. Footage of people and lifestyle are always in demand, but must be released for promotional uses (release of the persons depicted is absolutely necessary). In advertising, individual dynamic images are of interest. For editorial usage, we are looking for comprehensive coverage for example worldwide locations, presenting the highlights of the earth and other establishing shots. Aerial footage, inclusive drones recordings fit into this category as well.

Historical film materials of all kinds are selling well, especially if they are scanned in HD or 4K formats.

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