Shotlist: Showreel Shots

American Football Game / USA / 1958
Orange Bowl, Green Bay Packers, Majorette, New York Giants (American Football), NFL, Titlestars, Pompons, College Team, Motor Officer, Cheerleader, Referee Assistant, Half Time, Football Helmet, Collection Shirley Clarke, Marching Band, Clown, Opening Ceremony, Foul, American Football Game, Choreography, Supporting, Police Uniform, Stick (Object), Female Dancer, Formation, Pass (Sport), Parking Lot, Miami (Florida), Tribune, American Flag, Show (Event), Lawn, Parade (Procession), Motorcycling, Motorbike, Greeting, Spectating, Crowded, Supporter, Vintage Car, Two-wheeled Vehicle, Audience (People), New York City, Professional (Sports), Running, Artist, Playing, Night, Sportsman, Sitting, Megacity, Walking, Historical Footage, Woman, Building (Edifice), Man (Human), Adult, Sunshine, Day,

Video 1

Woman / Naked / Powder / High Speed
Titlestars, Modern Dance, Powder (Cosmetics), Eccentric (Behavior), Choreography, Powder (Powdery), Female Dancer, Getting Up, Redheaded, Naked, Performing Arts, Dusting (Dust), Sexy, Crouching, Short-haired, Falling (Procedure), White, Rotating, Artist, Fair-Skinned, Caucasian Ethnicity, Woman, 1 (Quantity), Adult,

Video 2

Octopus / Coconut / Indonesia
Living Being, Titlestars, Paring, Coconut, Octopus, Rolling (Process), Indo-Pacific Ocean, Sea Bed, Funny, Indonesia, Sea Life, Aquatic Animals, Playing, 1 (Quantity), No People, Stock Footage,

Video 3

Coast / Mediterranean Sea / France
Cap Camarat, Titlestars, Visions of France: The Riviera, Flying Away, Taking Off, Flock of Birds, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Rock Formation, Rocky Coast, Mediterranean Sea, Mediterranean Area, Wild Animal (Animals in the Wild), Day, Stock Footage,

Video 4

Ice Landscape / Arctic Ocean / Arctic
Titlestars, Drift Ice, Northern Sea Route, Sea Ice, Atmospheric, Ice Desert, Arctic, Boat Trip, Fog (Weather), No People, Sunshine, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 5

Rights not available

Collection Atlantic Production, Living Being, Titlestars, Apodiformes, Hummingbird, Tropics, Flower, Flying (Flight), Eating (Animal), Bird, 2 (Quantity), Non Urban Scene, Nature, Wild Animal (Animals in the Wild), Plant, No People, Sunshine, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 6

Iceland / Spraying / Europe
Skogarfoss, Titlestars, Skogafoss, Cascade, Drone (Aircraft), Erosion, Big (Large), Spraying (Process), Global, Adventure, Power in Nature, Danger, Iceland, Spray (Water), Cold (Temperature), Beauty, Autumn, Scenic, Tourism, Landmark (Sights), Rock (Crag), Snow, River, Travel Destination,

Video 7

Thai / Partying / Bangkok
Collection Robert Harding, CentralWorld, Titlestars, Chinese New Year, Thai, 18-19 Years, Dancer, Skillful, Shoulder, Bangkok, Dress, Expertise, 20-25 Years, Musician, Partying, Asian, Musical Instrument, 25-30 Years, National Costume, Tradition, Young, Artist, China, Togetherness, Head (Anatomy), Sitting, Smiling, Joy, Capital City, Shot Outside the US, Travel Destination, Group of People, Woman,

Video 8

Viking Wrestling / Hamar
Titlestars, Viking Wrestling, Wrestling Ring, Hamar, Obese, Wrestler (Professional Wrestling), Wrestler (Wrestling), Opponent, Topless, Fighting (Someone), Professional (Sports), Sportsman, 2 (Quantity), Man (Human), Adult, People, Stock Footage,

Video 9

Disagreement / Fighting / South Dakota
Titlestars, Badlands National Park, American Buffalo, South Dakota, Prairie, Anger, Aggression, Competition (Concept), Fighting (Someone), Herd, Terra Mater, Nature, Wild Animal (Animals in the Wild), No People, Day,

Video 10

New York City / USA / 1958
Road User, Titlestars, Staten Island Ferry, United Nations Secretariat Building, Oscar Niemeyer, Le Corbusier, William van Alen, Collection Shirley Clarke, Bus Stop, Chrysler Building, Art Deco, Paved Surface, Highlights1511, Highlights1514, Empire State Building, Street Lighting, Yellow Cab, Lower Manhattan, Commuter, Pigeon, Railway Platform, Work Trip, Rush Hour, Crossing (Action of Crossing), Crossroad, Financial District, Architectural Icon, Vintage Car, Sunrise, Light Effect, Modern Architecture, Skyline (City Silhouette), Illuminated, Crowd, City Traffic, Pedestrian, Morning, Building Exterior, Dusk, Landmark (Sights), Night, Shadow, Driving (Procedure), Megacity, Evening, Cloudy, Walking, Historical Footage, Woman, Wild Animal (Animals in the Wild), Man (Human), Adult, No People, Sunshine, Day,

Video 11

Elephant Herd / Kenya / Aerial
Titlestars, Elephant Herd, Elephant Baby, Highlights1617, African Elephant, Pachyderm, Big Five Game, Savannah, Kenya, Running, Offspring, Mammal, Sunshine, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 12

Rights not available

Titlestars, Capoeira, Handspring, Salvador de Bahia, Somersault (Jumping), Failure, Achievement, Surf (Sea), Falling (Procedure), Sandy Beach (Beach), Dance, Silhouette, Dusk, Fascinating Nature, Collection Gogol Lobmayr, Latin America, Evening, Man (Human), Adult, People, Stock Footage,

Video 13

South Africa / Timelapse
Bushveld, Titlestars, Milky Way, Astrolapse, Galaxy, Starlit Sky, Star (Celestial Body), Astronomy, Sunrise, Dawn, Stem, Savannah, Silhouette, Sunset, Scenic, Non Urban Scene, Tree (Plant), No People, Day,

Video 14

News Footage / Aug 24, 2019
Titlestars, Return, Hong Kong, Police, News Footage, AFP,

Video 15

Rights not available

Kozachok, Titlestars, Cossack, Folk Music, Theatre Performance, Square Dance, Performance (Representation), Band, St. Petersburg (Russia), Stage (Performance), Photoflash, Costume (Clothes), National Costume, Figure (Sport), 6-15 (Quantity), Audience (People), Rotating, Fair-Skinned, Fascinating Nature, Collection Gogol Lobmayr, Shot Outside the US, Caucasian Ethnicity, Woman, 1 (Quantity), Man (Human), Adult, Stock Footage,

Video 16

Polar Lights / Troms / Norway
Collection Recktenwald, Titlestars, Flickering (Glinting), Troms, Northern Lights, Eerie, Snow-Covered, Night, Sky, Non Urban Scene, Mountains, No People,

Video 17

Rights not available

Titlestars, Jakobshavn Glacier, Ilulissat, Disko Bay, Highlights1505, Sea Ice, Iceberg, Arctic Ocean, Ice Desert, Sunray, Boat Trip, Fascinating Nature, Collection Gogol Lobmayr, World Natural Heritage, Winter, Non Urban Scene, No People, Sunshine, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 18

Golden Gate Bridge / San Francisco / California / USA
Titlestars, San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate (Strait), Golden Gate Bridge, Steel Structure, Suspension Bridge, Majestic, Architectural Icon, Road Bridge, Pacific Ocean, Landmark (Sights), Cloudy, Travel Destination, No People, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 19

Monk / Eating Out / Myanmar
Titlestars, Mahagandayon Monastery, Eating Out, Amarapura, Novice, Food Distribution, Food Supply, Queue, Buddhist, Waiting, Believer, Asian, Buddhism, Cloudy, Walking, Group of People, Building (Edifice), Man (Human), Adult, Day,

Video 20

Woman / Asian Ethnicity / Glitter / High Speed
Glitter (Decoration), Titlestars, Grace (Concept), Elegance, Black-haired, Twinkling, Midair, Long-haired, Falling (Procedure), Breeze, Asian Ethnicity, Rotating, Fair-Skinned, Woman, 1 (Quantity), Adult, People,

Video 21

Car Ride / Light / Night / Germany
Ludwigs Church, Titlestars, Ludwigstraße, Hurrying, Stress, Light Pollution, City Lights, Spotlight, Colored, Speed, Car Ride, Light Effect, Munich, City Traffic, Night, Driving (Procedure), Metropolis (City), Woman, Adult, People, Stock Footage,

Video 22

Holi / Crowd
Collection Frank Mirbach, Titlestars, Throwing Up (Throw), Colour Powder, Holi Festival, Countdown, Throwing Up Arms, Counting, Trendy, Urban Culture, Hilarious, Dusting (Dust), Party (Celebration), Youth Subculture, Highlights1401, Enthusiasm, Crowded, Partying, Adolescent, Lifestyle (Concept), Young Adult, Joy, Germany, People, Day,

Video 23

Giraffe / Silhouette / Namibia
Titlestars, Acacia, Running Behind, Etosha National Park, Gallopping, Kalahari, Giraffe, Animal Family, Row, Haze, Namibia, Deciduous Tree, Silhouette, Sunset, Dusk, Evening, Wilderness, Walking, Wild Animal (Animals in the Wild), Sunshine, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 24

Orangutan / Baby Animal / Rainforest / Borneo
Titlestars, Wanariset Samboja, Monkey Troop, Baby Ape, Orangutan, Tongue, Limb (Part of Tree), Funny, Sweet (Emotion), Rainforest, Leaf, Baby Animal, Looking at Camera, Playing, Wild Animal (Animals in the Wild), Sunshine, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 25

Sea Turtle / Swimming / Sea
Titlestars, Green Turtle, Galápagos, Tropical Fish, Sea Life, Swimming (Procedure), World Natural Heritage, Latin America, Group of People, Sea (Landscape), No People,

Video 26

Rights not available

Titlestars, Bionics, Palau, Dolphin, Marine Mammal, Splashing (Liquid), Jumping, 3-5 (Quantity), Sea Life, Pacific Ocean, Swimming (Procedure), Fascinating Nature, Collection Gogol Lobmayr, Coast, Group of Animals, Forest, Wilderness, Stock Footage,

Video 27
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