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To license footage online, you need to be a registered user at www.framepool.com.
Registering with Framepool is easy and free. Being registered enables you to store and manage selected video shots and stills permanently in your own project folders.
This is particularly useful for any extensive and professional research work you perform on our website.
Your user account also contains an overview of all your purchased licenses and allows easy sharing of projects with other users.

Be sure to subscribe to our monthly Newsletter and keep up to date on new video content, industry trends and legal information.
Yes. A company account allows licensing at special rates and, for businesses within the European Union, ordering without sales tax.

Please contact our sales team regarding special rates, terms, and framework agreements.
If you own rights to film and video materials, we are interested in representing your footage rights.

Please contact our content team for further details.
The Framepool collection consists of video and film material.
However, the steadily increasing image resolution of video cameras allows for individual frames to be used for printing and online purposes.
Our archive offers a massive pool of fresh and unique still images – not only to customers in the print and online publishing industry.

Read more about the possibilities of cross-media publishing on our blog

We offer film and video footage in two different license categories: Royalty Free (RF) and Rights Managed (RM).

With RF licenses you pay only a one-time license fee, even if you use the material several times and in various projects. RF is a perpetual license that provides re-use of the specific shots by the same customer.

RM licenses specify the use of shots with respect to the media (TV, internet, cinema, etc.), the duration and the geographical distribution. The licensing fee is calculated based on an accurately specified usage. RM material is of superior technical and cinematic value and as such is the best footage choice for high-quality productions.

License packs: A set of pre-selected license packages, that cover essential and commonly requested rights of use at one click.
Some of our licensors offer attractive package-rates specifically for internet use of their film material.

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Registration / Login

In some cases it can occur that a confirmation by e-mail was unable to pass a client's SPAM filter.
Please make sure that neither the e-mail address info@framepool.com nor the domain @framepool have been greylisted or blacklisted by your mail provider. Should this be the case, please ask your e-mail service provider to remove the domain @framepool from the SPAM-list.

Please also check if the confirmation e-mail could have been removed from your inbox via specific, personal mail rules.

If you are still unable to retrieve your confirmation e-mail containing your login data, please contact us
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If your browser has been set to block cookies or JavaScript, logging into our website is not possible. Please change your browser settings accordingly and retry.

Should you continue to encounter login problems, please get in touch with us:
T +49-89-30764860 | info@framepool.com
You can change your password in your Framepool customer account
(Main menu: > "MY ACCOUNT")
To refine your footage search, you can either add more keywords or use the filter options offered in the toolbar to the left of your existing search result.
Read our short guide on searching and licensing here
Stills are chosen from each video shot. Regardless if you are searching in the stills or video mode, you are initially searching video shots.

When viewing a search result, bin or individual shot, switch your searchbar mode to  STILLS   

Add any shot displayed in this mode to your shotlist or cart. You will then be prompted to select specific still frames from the video shot.
Click on the icon of any shot within photo search result  STILLS   to display detailed information, such as its resolution and possible picture size at 300 dpi print resolution.
Google search will transfer you directly in the corresponding  STILLS   mode of a video shot. Select the desired frame by clicking on the image, then place it in the cart.
There are two ways:

Shots from the same production (bin) are displayed on each shot details page, below your licensing options.

A selection of visually similar shots is displayed underneath your production bin.
More on visual search results in the following question: How does Visual Search work?

Visual Search finds images that are similar to any sample image using a combination of matching keywords and visual patterns.
Click the on any shot from your search result to match it with shots of a similar image structure and keywords. Keyword significance can be increased or decreased, additionally, in the left hand side toolbar.

Find out more on how Visual Search works on our blog
The majority of our shots is not extensively colour graded, ensuring maximum flexibility for your post production.


Film and video materials are protected by copyright. When licensing footage or stills, Framepool concludes – on behalf of the copyright owners of the respective shots – a licensing agreement, granting you the right to use this footage material in your project.

The scope of the rights granted may vary as described int he question:
What do "RM" and "RF" mean and what are "License packs"?
Calculation of licensing fees for individual usages is available to registered users only.
  • The price for Royalty Free (RF) shots is displayed directly.
  • To calculate Rights Managed (RM) shots, click on the   Your price  button on any shot in your search result or navigate to the shot details of a specific shot.
    You can choose from a set of frequently used license packs and immediately display the corresponding price by selecting one of these licenses.
  • To calculate an individual usage, click "Show more licenses" and proceed with setting your custom license in four steps:
    • Step 1: select the type of production - or the "usage" - from the list.
    • Step 2: select the type of media intended for publication. Selecting a full media package is generally more cost effective than an individual selection.
    • Step 3: select – if applicable – the territory for which the footage is to be licensed. Countries bought together in a package (i.e. continent) may result cheaper, than choosing single countries.
    • Step 4: determine the duration and/or spread of your production. Acquiring a longer term, larger spread or a larger number or transmissions may be more cost-effective than the acquisition of a short-term use.
Our license pack "Website" covers both personal and non-commercial usage of our stock footage on any website.
In addition to the copyright, film and video images may include third-party rights of persons depicted, of artists, monuments, music or other protected content. These rights must be respected in the case of any promotional use of the licensed material and – if necessary – cleared individually. The icons with each shot give additional information concerning possible third party rights issues for particular usages.
Detailed information on rights clearance and third party rights is available here
The green or yellow dots indicate the rights situation of the respective shot.
Green dots signal that all applicable rights are fully cleared for all uses. If third party rights (e.g. privacy rights of individuals) are applicable to a shot and require clearance, this rights situation is indicated by yellow dot. Depending on your selected usage, the rights indicator with a shot may change in color to reflect its clearance status in reference that usage.
Sometimes an exemption from claims of third parties may not be necessary, even if a yellow dot is indicated.
Allthough you may order any shot without further clearance at your own risk, we strongly advise a clearance of rights prior to use.

We can clear third party rights for you, or provide an indemnification to carry the risk of liability in case of any third party rights violation.

More information on rights clearance and third party rights is available here
A sample licensing agreement is available here, together with our current GTCs and Terms of use.


Yes. Open the project containing your shotlist and click on the icon for the specific shotlist.
Yes. , but SD shots in your order will be converted to HD resolution. If you would like to receive the SD shots in SD quality, we recommend you to order these shots separately.
The indicated license fee is valid for 20 seconds of a shot. If the length of a selected shot exceeds 20 seconds, you will be asked to trim the shot with "TC-in" and "TC-out". You can specify the part of the shot you want to use and avoid an increase of the license fee. Additional seconds may be used but will be charged in addition.
To do so, please create a new empty shotlist and copy or move the shots you want to order to this list. Then order the complete new list. Shotlists generally can only be ordered as a whole.
Yes. You need to switch from stills to video mode in order to place an entire shot as a video in addition to single frames from shots in a shot list or the cart, and vice versa. The shopping cart will ask you to select the desired license. You can purchase the usage rights for video shots and stills together with one license agreement per project.
  • Credit Card / Prepayment via QPAY - currently not available for payments in US$
  • Credit Card via Ogone - available for payments in US$
  • Credit Card / Direct Debit via PayPal - no PayPal customer account required
  • Payment via PayPal customer account
  • Prepayment via advance bank transfer
    The necessary bank details will be displayed upon order confirmation. Please note that delivery of the ordered files will be effected upon receipt of payment.

    You may also submit your payment via Paypal at paypal@framepool.com
  • Purchase on account
    Available to approved users only. Please contact us to check whether you are eligible.
Payments via credit card, direct debit or prepayment are processed by PCI certified third-party payment modules. Depending on your selected payment option, these are provided either by Wirecard AG, Ogone or PayPal.

Upon confirming your order you will be automatically redirected to the corresponding payment site. Framepool does not register or store credit card information or bank details of any kind.
To complete your payment, please open the corresponding order in your Framepool customer account "Hello ..." > "My orders".

Located at the top you'll find options to repeat your payment via one of our credit card or prepayment options. Please note that delivery of the ordered files will be delayed until full receipt of payment.
Please contact your sales representative in regard to this option. Consent has to be given by your client.
The delivery formats determine the resolution, the video codec and the frame rate in what your video master will be delivered. For stills, they specify the desired photo codec. Framepool offers the possibility to up-res video shots from original SD resolution to HD formats. An up-res of HD or 2K video to 4k is not offered.
You have a complete overview of all orders under "My orders" in your Framepool customer account "Hello ...". Each order is of course available within its corresponding project.
Please get in contact with a sales manager responsible for your area. A complete overview of all sales contacts can be found on our contact page


Please verify if the necessary video codecs are installed on your system (e.g. Blackmagic). If the codecs are not installed, please install them. If you’re still having problems watching the videos or if you don’t know where to get the necessary codecs, please get in contact with us. We’ll be happy to help. (+49-89-307648799 | playout@framepool.com).
Playout links are valid for 14 days.


Framepool is always on the lookout for filmmakers who are as dedicated to quality as we are.
If you're interested in distributing your film material through our platform, then submit your application via our form at BECOME A CONTRIBUTOR.
We look forward to hearing from you!
You’ll find your productions in your Framepool customer account ( Your name ) under "MY PRODUCTIONS"
Your contributor dashboard will show you the current status of your deliveries, your revenue for the past months aswell as a constantly updated list of "most wanted" themes.

To submit new material please use the form provided on your dashboard under " New delivery".

Glossary – A to Z

This intra-frame codec supports 4:4:4 video sources at 12-bit color depth in mastering quality, while retaining its visually lossless characteristic through many generations of decoding and re-encoding. The target data rate of Apple ProRes 4444 is approximately 330 Mbps (excl. alpha) at 1.920 x 1.080 and 29,97 fps. Extensive support on various editing systems.
This intra-frame codec supports 4:2:2 video sources at 10-bit color depth in mastering quality, while retaining its visually lossless characteristic through many generations of decoding and re-encoding. The target data rate of Apple ProRes 422 HQ is approximately 220 Mbps at 1.920 x 1.080 and 29,97 fps. Extensive support on various editing systems.
This codec provides very good quality at much lower data rates than ProRes-mastering formats, whilst allowing to work smoothly in editing systems. Due to these attributes, this format is also recommended for offline edits.
This intra-frame codec supports 4:2:2 video sources at 10-bit color depth in mastering quality, while providing almost lossless quality throughout multiple generations of encoding. The target data rate of Avid DNxHD 10-Bit RGB is approximately 220 Mbps at 1.920 x 1.080 and 29,97 fps. Recommended especially for Avid Workflows.
A "bin" or "production folder" is a collection of various shots of one production, showing similar motifs or thematically related shots. Bins will only be displayed in the search view.
The fields method (= interlaced) is used in standard television formats (NTSC, PAL, SECAM). To create the impression of fluid movement, the signal is divided into 25 (PAL) or 29.7 (NTSC) frames per second. Each frame is divided into 2 fields. Each field consists of individual scan lines (all even or all odd lines). The individual fields are played in sequence. For PAL, first the odd lines are shown (1, 3, 5, ...), then the even lines (top field first). For NTSC or DV-Pal, it’s vice versa (bottom field first).
Videofile or -material in master quality, available as download or on storage medium. You can specify quality, resolution and format with your order.
"Native" means, that all shots keep their native field dominance in the playout. Consequently, interlaced shots remain interlaced and progressive shots remain progressive.
Videofile in preview quality with watermark (only available as download).
The progressive scan method displays all horizontal lines of a picture at one time as one single frame and is used for e.g. film material where 24 full frames are recorded.
A collection of several shotlists. Creating a project with multiple shotlists can be a very handy tool if you use different shotlists for various scenes in your film or project. To create various projects, will help you keep track of various work projects.
Highly efficient codec, which provides good quality at very low data rates. While being an excellent choice for previews, this codec is not ideal for working in editing systems, due to its complexity.
We offer the following resolutions: SD (Pal or NTSC), HD720 (1280 x 720), HD1080 (1920 x 1080), UHD (3840 x 2160) and higher resolutions, depending on source format.
License of use that, after once paying a license fee, grants the rights for a temporally and spatially unlimited use.
License of use that grants single usage of the material for the media, territory and duration stated in the license agreement.
A video clip.
Collection of shots / video clips.
A single frame from a shot / video clip.
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